After Party

When you have had a fantastic party the night before, you won’t want to clean up the next morning.


We will clean, wash, scrub, tidy, empty bins and clear away to leave your home looking and smelling fresh.


We use wonderfully fragrant cleaning agents to remove lingering odours from the previous evening.


It is a more thorough clean than our regular clean and will get into the areas you may not realise need attention.


We use a colour-coded cleaning system and anti-bacterial cleaning agents to prevent cross-contamination, plus our cleaning operatives use disposable gloves for extra cleanliness.


You can now plan that party in confidence knowing we will be waiting to get you straight again.


Please make arrangements with us in advance so we may come to your rescue the very next day.


We are fully insured to 2 million pounds. 


Please call us for a free quote on 01284 755546 or email at



After Party