Home Care

Do you worry about leaving your home empty while you are away on holiday?


Using house sitters is an expensive option so most people don’t use them.


We offer a service to ensure your home is safe and cared for whilst you are away at low cost.


We visit twice a day, in the morning and evening, and undertake all of the following:


  • Check all doors and windows are secure at every visit
  • Open and close curtains morning and evening to give the appearance your home is occupied
  • Put your post out of sight
  • Takeout/in black, blue and brown bins
  • Water indoor plants
  • Check pipes haven’t burst during freezing weather


Your key is held by Clean Slate Cleaning and covered under insurance.


We are fully insured to 2 million pounds.


When you return from you holiday, we hand back to key to you, until your next holiday, of course!


We hold many keys for regular domestic clients so you can be assured of its safe keeping.


It is a cost effective way of ensuring your home is in safe hands while you are having your well earned break. 


It doesn’t have to be for long breaks away, we cover weekends and overnight stays too.


This service is available every day of the year, even Christmas Day.


Please call us for a free quote on 01284 755546 or email at enquiries@cleanslatecleaning.co.uk

Home Care