Housekeeping Services

Clean Slate Cleaning offers our clients more than a cleaning service.


We regularly include further assistance to our clients.


If you would like us to wash your dishes, load your dishwasher, load and unload your washing machine, ironing or change your bedding for you, we would be more than happy to help. 


There is no extra charge for this service so no hidden cost.  Very often ironing services can be costly but much cheaper using Clean Slate Cleaning.  We don’t weigh your items to be ironed; it is simply calculated by an hourly charge, saving you huge amounts of money.


We always leave our clients homes tidy and presentable ensuring your bedding has been made, curtains straightened and pillows plumped to give you the ultimate service.


We work Monday to Friday to provide our Housekeeping Services, the same as our Domestic Cleaning Service, excluding Bank Holidays and other public holidays.


We have full insurance at 2 million pounds.


Please call us for a free quote on 01284 755546 or email at




Housekeeping Services