One-Off Spring Clean

When you need to have that once-a-year clean, we get to work to leave your home like a palace.


This service really shows off our skills and you will be amazed by the results.


We clean out cupboards, get right into corners and really deep clean your home.


Our cleaning regime is thorough so you will have the confidence to know your home is left wonderfully clean and fresh.


We provide everything that is needed to get the job done.


We use a colour-coded cleaning system and anti-bacterial cleaning agents to prevent cross-contamination.  The cleaning operatives also use disposable gloves for extra cleanliness.


At Clean Slate Cleaning we use only trusted branded products not unheard of or cheap cleaning products for that excellent result. 


We also have professional cleaning agents for more targeted areas to ensure the highest clean possible.


Whether you are looking for a spruce up clean or a deep clean, we can help.


We are fully insured to 2 million pounds.


Please call us for a free quote on 01284 755546 or email at


One-Off Spring Clean